Naracoorte woman caught drug driving near a school zone

A NARACOORTE woman has been caught driving under the influence of methamphetamine around a school zone during a targeted operation yesterday.

The 32-year-old woman was one of four across South Australia caught with the drug in her oral fluid as police conducted Operation Stop Drink/Drug Drive Schools.

It ran during peak school drop off and pick up times of 8am to 9am and 3pm to 4pm.

During the state-wide operation, police conducted 1,288 alcotests and 46 drug tests.

Inspector Cynthia Healey acting officer in charge of the Traffic Services Branch, was appalled to see a lack of behaviour change during the operation

“Despite public repeated warnings from police, motorists are still doing the wrong thing – it’s not only disappointing, but it’s also selfish,” she said.

“You’re not only putting your life in danger, but the lives of people around you, including children who are just trying to get to school.

“We will not accept drink and drug drivers in this state and if you take that risk then you should also take the consequences.”