Show-stopping Penola garden gets green thumbs up

Janeen And Preston Wyly Garden Winners  TBW Newsgroup
WINNERS: Janeen and Preston Wyly's South Terrace property received Penola's garden of the year accolade.

Janeen And Preston Wyly Garden Winners TBW Newsgroup
WINNERS: Janeen and Preston Wyly’s South Terrace property received Penola’s garden of the year accolade.

AN extravagant Penola garden has been given the green thumbs-up from judges of the Penola’s garden of the year competition.

Janeen and Preston Wyly have secured the title in its second year following a strong showing in the 2018 inaugural competition, with the result announced in conjunction with the 155th Penola Show.

It follows an extensive effort by judges who toured the district, observing gardens from the roadside without entering the property, while also taking into consideration its year-round presentation.

Having poured over two decades of work into their South Terrace property, the couple is kept busy managing the garden’s 454 roses.

The expansive garden features over 300 sprinklers, with soil trucked in from the couple’s old farming property when the first purchased the home.

“We also brought a few roses from our old farm into town,” Ms Wyly said.

“From there we just started planting and going around the garden.”

With the significant amount of roses now firmly in place, the couple also added in hedges and other “bits and pieces”.

“Everything in the garden such as the arches and all the little bits and pieces are made by Preston and all of the mosaics I have made myself,” Ms Wyly said.

“But there are also bits from our old farm as well.”

Ms Wyly said it was a “fantastic” feeling to win the competition.

“We were told we came second last year but we did not know that,” she said.

“We just love knowing someone else appreciates the garden too.

“Our gates are always open and if people come to the gate when we are out there then they can have a wander through and see the garden, which happens quite a lot.”