Coastal towns sleep through earthquarke

ROBE and Beachport residents are unlikely to have felt even the slightest tremor on Wednesday night, despite an earthquake occurring dozens of kilometres off the coast.

The epicentre of the 3.4 magnitude quake was recorded around 50km off the coast of the seaside towns at around 4.30pm on Wednesday afternoon.

According to Geoscience Australia, the small quake was at a depth of 20km and could have been felt up to 35km away.

Unless fishermen out in the deep noticed the tremor among the swell, it is unlikely anyone in the region felt the earthquake.

The earthquake is one of four recorded tremors in South Australia in the last seven days.

In 1987, Beachport experienced the largest recorded earthquake since 1837 in South Australian history, measuring 6.5 on the richter scale.

There was major damage caused in the South East towns of Kingston, Robe and Beachport.

The epicentre of that earthquake was also recorded offshore.