No free ride for Uebergang

A MOUNT Gambier man has been ordered to serve a prison sentence on home detention after he drove disqualified in the city earlier this year.

Dennis Andrew Uebergang, 49, appeared in the Mount Gambier Magistrates Court to be sentenced for driving disqualified and refusing to provide his name and address.

Uebergang’s licence was disqualified in April after he failed to pay fines.

At around 6pm on June 7, patrols were alerted to an unregistered and uninsured vehicle on Penola Road.

Officers followed the car, which turned into the Marketplace car park.

Police asked the defendant questions, however he became evasive.

The prosecution said Uebergang refused an alcotest and refused to provide his name and address.

“He said the police were a cult and he did not have to comply with their religion,” the prosecution said.

When an officer asked the defendant if he was Dennis Uebergang, the offender responded by saying “no, that person is dead”.

Uebergang was arrested for his non-compliance.

The court heard Uebergang was moving the car from his garage.

When asked why he pulled into the Marketplace, he said he was getting boxes to put “stuff” in.

Magistrate Anderson said Uebergang’s explanation for his driving made very little sense.

“I cannot form any conclusion as to why you were driving,” Magistrate Anderson said.

“But one way or another, you were ignoring the disqualification order.”

Magistrate Anderson ordered Uebergang to pay impounding costs of $1019.40.

Uebergang interrupted sentencing remarks by objecting to the costs, which prompted Magistrate Anderson to tell him to stay quiet.

The defendant was then sentenced to six weeks imprisonment, however she allowed him to serve the sentence on home detention.

“There are issues about compliance in the home detention enquiry report,” Magistrate Anderson said.

“However I am willing to give you the opportunity to prove you can comply.”

She also ordered the defendant to complete 100 hours of community service within 12 months.