Frustration leads to conviction

A MOUNT Gambier man has been convicted for damaging a electronic sliding door at Centrelink in a “moment of frustration” earlier this year.

Simon Dempsey, 37, appeared unrepresented in the Mount Gambier Magistrates Court on Tuesday to be sentenced for damaging property.

The prosecution said the defendant attended Centrelink at around 11.30am on July 12 to try to lodge a claim for money.

After becoming frustrated with the process, Dempsey left the building.

Witnesses reported hearing a loud bang and noticed the electronic sliding door at the entrance of the building had been damaged.

The prosecution said Dempsey had become angry and upset, which led to him kicking the door on the way out.

He since paid for the damage caused to the building in cash.

In court, the defendant said he was frustrated because it had taken him four weeks to receive payment, which ended up being minimal.

He revealed he was unemployed at the time and struggling to provide for his family, which led to the outburst.

Dempsey expressed his remorse for his actions and regretted acting in the way he did.

Magistrate Jack Fahey accepted the defendant’s remorse and showed leniency in his sentencing.

“You have done the right thing since by paying the money back for the damage caused,” he said.

Dempsey was convicted for the offence, however no further penalty was imposed.