Live review: Colourful humour wins over crowd

UP CLOSE: Charlotte Varcoe with comic Alex Williamson and Jake Lovett after the show at the Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre on Friday night.

LAUGHTER resonated through the Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre last Friday night as social media star Alex Williamson took to the stage.

I had known of Alex’s crude and colourful display of humour or a while, coming from a small town where his jokes were well-known.

Despite going a little far even for myself, it was an enjoyable show with plenty of laughs.

Alex’s show was not for the faint-hearted and in a world where it is so easy to offend, it was nice to have those walls broken down and the banter let loose.

Despite racial stereotypes and making light of serious issues, in order to understand Alex’s humour you really need to take it as just that – a bit of a light-hearted laugh.

With extensive swearing and bouncing around the stage, Alex demonstrated plenty of confidence.

To get up in front of an audience that will most likely hit back for making jokes like his, he takes the criticism on the chin in true-blue fashion, with not a care in the world.

I do not agree with his perspective on many of the jokes and how they are presented – there are much funnier things in the world – but if you go to a show that is obvious Alex’s “Aussie banter” then keep in mind that it will be crude, it is what he is known for.

I feel terrible to say that I laughed at the jokes and that I enjoyed the show, but sometimes you need to just take a breath and let things be funny for an hour.

Despite the humour only being appropriate for a selective audience, Alex’s show was a sell-out and it is no wonder – he accommodates the type of humour shared by many young people in the city.

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