LETTER: Art hub study

Dr Ruth Schubert, Thumb Print Workshop Inc. president

THUMB Print Workshop Inc South East Art Society and Artsparks have together researched shared community art/artisan spaces across Australia.

The Hub Sub a small working group from the three organisations have looked at a range of models in regional and metropolitan locations across Australia.

During the research process the Hub Sub has sought support from a range of formal and informal locally based art/artisan groups.

These groups have been unanimously supportive of establishing a shared community art/artisan space in Mount Gambier.

Similar spaces around Australia provide a range of functions including sales of artistic products, gallery spaces, workshops for group classes/activities, storage and then access for the use of specialised equipment and studio spaces for individuals and groups.

These spaces are typically vibrant community hubs with considerable volunteer engagement and attractive for visitors and tourists alike.

Mount Gambier City Council’s Cultural and Heritage Plan 2018 recommended the creation of a “maker space”, as a gathering point for local makers and creators thereby enabling the sharing of equipment and resources.

The Hub Sub is hosting an open meeting at the City Hall on November 4 starting at 6pm to present the findings of the research and to gather further advice from the local community.

The meeting is listed as a free open event on Eventbrite, groups and individuals can register on the event listing.

The findings from the research will be presented in a formal proposal to the City of Mount Gambier.

This research has been supported by Country Arts SA and the use of the City Hall is supported by the City of Mount Gambier.

Dr Ruth Schubert,
Thumb Print Workshop Inc. president

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