Legendary event faces uphill battle

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ON THE LINE: The South Eastern Automobile Club has postponed its events for the next month due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the coronavirus could even affect the running of the Legend of the Lakes hill climb later in the year.

MOUNT Gambier’s Legend of the Lakes Hill climb could well be another casualty of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, despite being some months down the road.

Event organiser – the South Eastern Automobile Club – has gone into recession as a result of the pandemic effective immediately.

Club spokesperson Kevin Raedel said the club wanted to do the right thing.

“I think we will play it by ear for the month and see what comes of it,” he said.

“No one knows if it is right or wrong I guess, but we will just see what happens.”

Raedel said while there was some rules regarding the virus set out by Motorsport Australia, the decision was made by the club.

“We meet most of the requirements from Motorsport Australia, but it is hard to make sure you are doing it properly,” he said.

“We stopped running to protect the health and safety of the people, but it is a tough one.”

Raedel said it may be possible to “squeeze” some extra rounds in later in the year to complete the season, but that of course would depend on the length of the pandemic.

However, he said a major concern was the Legend of the Lakes hill climb later in the year.

While it may appear there is ample time, so much preparation goes into the event.

It would be hard to justify completing those preparations if the event was not to run.

“Our main focus at the minute it to try to get Legends of the Lakes off the ground still,” Raedel said.

“There is a heap of preparation to do for that event and you have to be careful where you spend money.

“People might not be able to work much for a while which will also dry cash up a bit.

“It is going to be a tough one.”

With no ideas as to how long the pandemic will last, Raedel said it was a matter of keeping informed before any further decisions could be made.

“We will reevaluate it at the end of April at our next committee meeting and we will see if we start up again in May,” he said.

“But who knows what we can do.

“Hopefully it does not last too long.

“It could last for six months, but it is the unknown that is a worry.”

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