NAMED: Artists Tenison Jeremy Ievins and Sadiki Kamundele with Tenison Woods College teacher Ursula Ridnell who was the winner of the mural naming competition. The woman featured in the artwork has been named Fatuma. Picture: KYRA SYKES

THE woman featured in the colourful mural on the wall of Decor Originals has been officially named Fatuma.

The business recently launched a competition to find the perfect name for the mural subject and it was Tenison Woods College teacher Ursula Ridnell who claimed the honours.

Ms Ridnell explained she had a student with the name Fatuma and thought the name suited the artwork created by Jeremy Ievins and Sadiki Kamundele.

Sadiki selected the winner from around 40 entries and both artists agreed it was the perfect match.

“The name translates to captivating and I think it fits beautifully,” Ms Ridnell said.

The mural is now complete and Sadiki will now focus on his next project at Metro Bakery and Cafe.

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