Rose fit for a Queen

Queen Elizabeth.

By Brian Wagner, Kalangadoo Rose Grower

I started growing roses on my own at least 40 years ago, and before then, I used to help my parents at the rose farm with all kinds of jobs in the field.

Among all the interesting things connected to roses, I’ve always been fascinated by the names given to them and carefully chosen to describe an emotion or to celebrate an event, a place, or a person.

We have many roses named after celebrities, political and popular figures, artists and of course, we grow a rose named after Queen Elizabeth II, which is very beautiful and strong, like the special woman is dedicated to.

Queen Elizabeth is an exceptionally vigorous and prolific rose with double full blooms in a clear pink.

Bred in 1951 and named after the Queen in 1954 to mark her ascension to the British throne in 1952, it’s extremely tall and upright, growing up to 300cm high and can be best suited to the back of the rose garden or where others don’t grow.

It is highly disease resistant with dark green tough leathery foliage and has a moderate fragrance.

In the last few days, we’ve received many requests for this beautiful rose, and we are organising some extra potted plants for spring, that can be pre-ordered soon thorough our website.

Elizabeth II is not the only queen with a rose named after her: other royal women received this privilege and we grow some of these special varieties.

La Reine Victoria is named after another long-lived queen and is a popular old-fashioned lilac pink rose that fade to lighter pink on the inside, with the petals curving inwards and creating a delightful old-world rosette with a strong fragrance to match.

Bred in 1872, La Reine Victoria is hardy and has a slender upright growth habit.

Queen Adelaide was the queen consort of British King William IV between 1830-1837.

The rose named after her has large, pink blooms with wavy petals, coupled with a strong sweet perfume.

Princesse de Monaco has ivory petals edged with pink, which create a striking rose in a traditional rounded full cupped bloom.

It has a strong, upright bushy growth habit with dark green glossy foliage and is extremely disease resistant.

Diana Princess of Wales has large blooms in pale rose pink, with gentle hints of cream and yellow; its long stems and deep green foliage make it a beautiful cut flower.

Princess Alexandra of Kent ®(Ausmerchant) is a David Austin creation, described as having a “glowing pink“ colouring inside the rosette, enclosed in a ring of soft pink outer petals.

This rose is deeply cupped in shape which holds itself well on the plant and has a strong fragrance.

Princess Claire of Belgium is a sweet-scented floribunda rose and has warm pink flowers produced all season long.

Carried on an upright freely flowering plant reaching 100cm high, is a delightful soothing colour for a border or a large pot.