Staying connected

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In recent years, we have all experienced what it’s like to be isolated and separated from family and friends.

Now more than ever we have a renewed appreciation for staying connected and being part of community.

Having a social connection is vitally important for emotional and mental health and ensuring there is a social outlet becomes even more important as people enter retirement and lose the social connections that came with being in the workforce.

This is one reason why Men’s Sheds are much more than just a shed. They are an important part of many communities across the country, particularly in our regions, including here in the Limestone Coast.

The local Men’s Shed is an important place for men to meet up, participate in meaningful projects that better our community while maintaining important social connections.

I’m proudly a member of every Men’s Shed in Barker and I try to attend the various sheds as often as I can because I know that these organisations are amongst some of the most connected to the wider community and offer many benefits not only directly to members but to the community at large.

So this Men’s Shed Week, I encourage everyone to support and celebrate the important role our local Men’s Sheds play in the fabric of our community and the work of the volunteers that run them.

Tony Pasin,

Member for Barker