Exclusive Delbard French roses

Blue Emotion.

Brian Wagner

STRONG growers, vigorous and disease resistant, mostly very fragrant and with a unique mix of modern and classic look, Delbard roses tick all the boxes.

Wagners Rose Nursery has been the sole agent in South Australia of this well-known French rose breeder for many years and we are proud growers of their beautiful varieties and their different collections.

The Delbard Painters Collection is dedicated to impressionist artists and reflect their masterpieces with their stripes and different colours.

Camille Pisarro has red, pink, yellow and cream tones; Henri Matisse has large double blooms in rich swirls of red and pink, with splashes of white; Claude Monet has light pink and soft yellow tones; Maurice Utrillo is white, yellow, pink and red; Paul Cezanne has large dusty yellow blooms, with splashes of pink and white, each bloom featuring its own unique pattern; and Grimaldi has bright salmon, white and pink stripes.

The Grand Parfums Collection brings a touch of France to your garden with their intense and individual fragrances.

Belonging to this collection are the light pink Grand Siecle, the brighter pink Chartreuse de Parme, the soft apricot Belle du Seigneur, the lavender/pink Souvenir de Louis Amade and Soeur (Sister) Emmanuelle.

The Climbing Collection includes vigorous varieties, very fragrant and repeat flowering – like the pink Nahema, certainly one of our favourite climbing roses; the yellow and apricot Papi Delbard; the red and pink Guy Savoy; Amnesty International, with cream and lemon yellow blooms; the bright yellow Dune; and Pierre de Gagnaire, with its delicate, pale pink single bloom flowers.

The Bordure Collection is perfect for hedging and landscaping, with low grow habit and abundance of flowers; their fragrance is not strong but their low maintenance makes them very popular varieties, available in many different colours.

Besides these main collections, we grow many other beautiful Delbard varieties, that we’d like to suggest for your garden.

The bright oranges La Jago and France Libre, the unique mauves Blue Emotion and Belle Parfume, the white and red Carmagnole, the elegant cream and yellow Chateau Versailles, Coeur de Neige – certainly one of our favourite white roses – the bright yellow Cote d’Azur, the beautiful and fragrant pink varieties like Parfum de Paris and Madame Delbard, the elegant striped Red Intuition, Pink Intuition and P.S. I Love You and many more which can be found on our website.

Most of our Delbard varieties are still available as bare root plants and can be ordered now for delivery in winter time (from July to September).

Some of these varieties are also available in pot, and they can be purchased today directly from our nursery in Kalangadoo.