Entegra develops new gutter system

BUILT TO LAST: Entegra's new Taperflow gutters have been engineered to capture more water to supply all household needs.

INCREASE the capacity to capture and store water with the High Volume Taperflow ™

The Taperflow ™ gutter and drainage system has been engineered to capture more water by having a tapered gutter size to the end of the shed.

The gutters are larger than the typical box gutter and the system is exclusive to Entegra sheds.

With the Taperflow ™ there is no restriction on the water flow from the open end of the gutter into the rain head – traditional gutters have a downpipe in the base of the gutter that the water has to find it’s way into which restricts the natural flow of the water.

This can result in the gutter overflowing and a reduced capacity to capture water.

In the case of the high volume Taperflow ™ it is a completely open end, which allows the water to maintain its natural flow into the large rain head.

The large rain head allows the water to build up a head of pressure and whirlpool into the single downpipe.

The large downpipe creates a vortex, not dissimilar to a cyclone in nature.

This added velocity cannot be achieved with a restricted pipe size or multiple pipes.

Entegra Signature Structures includes the high volume Taperflow ™ with all farm machinery sheds and hay sheds.

Entegra is a custom shed manufacturer that has been constructing sheds for more than 35 years.

There are also hay shed kits ranging in size and capacity from 1000 bales up to 2800 bales.

What is different about Entegra:

Access to high volume Taperflow ™ gutters and drainage system

Entegra take care of town planning and building permits

Having more had shed options that can be discussed directly with our design team

Free site visits

Rigorous construction methods, including the roof lift method in which Entegra was the industry pioneer.

To know more come visit Entegra Design Consultant Steve Lane at South East Field Days Site 659 or call 0438387686.

Alternatively email stephen@entegra.com.au