Forest dump disgust

DISAPPOINTED: OneFortyOne Plantations has voiced disappointment at continuing dumping of rubbish on forestry land, including asbestos and other potentially harmful materials.

ONEFORTYONE Plantations has raised alarm over a spate of rubbish dumping across the region, including hazardous asbestos material.

Illegal rubbish dumping in Green Triangle forests has been an ongoing problem for forest growers and the community for many years.

Whilst abandoned vehicles in forests during



I believe our local councils could be doing more to help this. Tea Tree Gully have a free day of dumping each month and it is incredible the amount of people who go to this. We saw this first hand and the line went for a few kilometers. Clearly people can’t afford the extra money to be able to pay for dumping waste and with the amount of money we pay for our rates I would rather put that toward something positive like this instead of sending our Mayor over to China for example. Just my thoughts.

@dfleming — Some councils already do. Wattle Range Council, for example, sends out 12 large trailer vouchers each year to every ratepayer (along with the rates notice). Each voucher entitles the holder to dispose of up to a heaped tandem trailer (8’x5′) of segregated waste at a Waste Transfer Station or Resource Recovery Centre. WRC even encourages property owners to pass vouchers on to their tenants. Each voucher has a value of up to $80 so 12 vouchers amount to $960 worth of free dumping being given away to each ratepayer each year. More information can be found on WRC’s website:

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