Football: Missed chances rued

TOUGH CONTEST: Casterton Sandford’s Billy Galpin and West Gambier’s Nathan Taylor contest a mark on Saturday at Malseed Park. Picture: JAMES MURPHY

A NEW-look West Gambier took to the ground at Malseed Park on Saturday, as it engaged in a tight battle with the Cats on its home turf.

Both margins and tempers were short, as the two teams fought to the final siren for the Round 1 bragging rights.

Casterton/Sandford 11.9 (75) d West 9.13 (67)



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hi There.
tony Fox here ex western border and mid south east player from long ago,i love reading about local football ,i live in mildura now.I have a question for you.I am an avid country football league fan,when i see results of games and write ups in footy,why dont we see gate recipts of games printed anymore.It would be interesting to see crowd numbers at any game im sure other peolpe also are wandering you dont see gate receipts anymore,thank you for taking the time to read this.I would be interested to know why.That way you could see how different leagues are going ,etc.Once again many thanks Tony Fox.

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