Football hits pavement to raise funds

FOR A CAUSE: Penola’s Daniel Hackwill will gear up for a 100km marathon to help raise funds for farmers in need next month. Picture: KATIE JACKSON

PENOLA A Grade footballer Daniel Hackwill will run 100km in an effort to raise funds for drought relief next month.

Hackwill, who said the struggles Australian farmers are facing at the moment hits close to home, saw the marathon as a good way to give back to those doing it tough.

“I grew up in Edenhope,” he said.

“When I was a really little kid it was good, the lake was full and the town was really busy.

“Then we had the drought hit down here and the lake emptied and everyone around town sort of struggled.

“I have seen what droughts can do and it is pretty easy to forget sometimes, while our grass is green and we have had a lot of rain.”

He said it is important to remember there are others out there facing hardship and the run is his way of helping out and raising money towards the


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