SPONSORED: College as a cure of the “epidemic of loneliness”

Community Work 01 TBW Newsgroup
Residents participate in community work as well as a year long program of inter-college events which includes swimming, hockey, netball, soccer, football, table tennis,

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WELCOMED: Lincoln College’s welcome week allows students to meet other new residents and make friends, while settling into a new home.

Humans are deeply social creatures – separated from the people we love and the places we find familiar, we can become deeply distressed.

This is a challenge for students who move away from home to study – as they make a big change to university and begin to step into adult life, they have to do this while navigating a new city and without the close support of their loved ones.

According to the 2018 Australian Loneliness Report, we are experiencing loneliness at higher levels than ever before – one in four adults is lonely every week, and international research suggests that loneliness is highest in young people
(aged 16-25).*

The Report also found that higher levels of loneliness are linked with higher levels of social anxiety, reduced social interaction, reduced psychological wellbeing and lower quality of life.

This is obviously troubling for families who are thinking about sending a child away to university, to a new city, where they don’t have a social network.

The good news is that life at Lincoln College can act as an antidote to loneliness.

With a caring community around you; the chance to study alongside others from a range of degrees; social, sporting and artistic activities to enjoy; and daily meals with others, we support students to build the real world connection that is so lacking for many young people.

The move to Adelaide to study can be an intimidating one, especially for students who aren’t used to “big city” life.

By moving to Lincoln College, students are quickly oriented to the local area and their university campus, with experienced students helping them to find their way around.

A fun and friendly “Welcome Week” means that new residents make friends quickly through participating in social activities together.

New students are introduced to their academic cohort so they can meet other students studying similar subjects, and form study groups right from the start.

Year-long sporting competitions mean that residents get to meet and play with lots of other people, and our onsite gym and group personal training mean that residents can keep active while they study, which is great for mental health.

Our performance nights are a chance for solo performers and bands to share their skills and culture with the rest of the College.

With activities like our creative writing competition, art competition, LAN parties, charity fundraising and quiz nights, there is something for all types of people at Lincoln College.

The other huge benefit of life at Lincoln is that residents can connect with our extensive alumni community, and get some guidance in the transition to professional life from people who have “been there, done that”.

Past residents love to come back and mentor current students in group and one-on-one settings – by coming to Lincoln you are creating a ready-made network of friends, activities and professional contacts that will help you through your university years and beyond.

A tour can be booked by ringing 08 8290 6000 or emailing admin@lincoln.edu.au

To book a time with the Head of College for a one-on-one discussion please call or visit Lincoln College website.