Photography teacher shows how it’s done

Deb Kloeden  TBW Newsgroup
CONCERT CAPTURE: Limestone Coast photographer Deb Kloeden is known within the music community for her outstanding concert photography.

Deb Kloeden TBW Newsgroup
CONCERT CAPTURE: Limestone Coast photographer Deb Kloeden is known within the music community for her outstanding concert photography.

OFTEN seen up close and personal with bands in Adelaide and Melbourne, former Limestone Coast educator Deb Kloeden is living her dream.

Once teaching art and photography at Naracoorte High School and Grant High School, the avid photographer has spent the past five years in the photography pit of concerts across the state and internationally, capturing iconic moments of big name artists.

Building up an impressive portfolio Ms Kloeden has photographed major Australian and United Kingdom musicians including Cold Chisel, Hilltop Hoods and Roger Waters of Pink Floyd.

“I was always a massive Pink Floyd fan and to photograph Roger Waters is the closest I will ever get to capturing them live,” Ms Kloeden said.

Despite taking her first concert photographs in the 1970’s from the crowd of New Zealand band The Split Ends, it would be another 40 years before she would walk away from teaching and pursue her dream job.

“I had already been shooting from the crowd at festivals like Bluesfest where they do not mind people taking professional cameras into the facility,” Ms Kloeden said.

“I would then post the photographs to social media with my logo and bands began noticing them.”

From then on Ms Kloeden purchased tickets to see bands in Adelaide and Melbourne before learning how to gain access to the photography pit.

“I got access to a private social media group with photographers from around the world,” she said.

“That is where I started making connections and discovered how to be a part of the media outlet.”

Before leaving the Limestone Coast to travel, the photographer was approached by an online music magazine for work.

“Once I came back from my travels I started working with them covering small gigs, learnt how to write reviews and worked my way up from there,” she said.

“In the photograph pit I kept meeting photographers from a company called Amplify so

I went to check them out and asked to join.”

From there Ms Kloeden’s portfolio has grown to include high profile events, including the Lucindale One Night Stand.

“It was funny because as a teacher I would often get my students to design the One Night Stand posters, but have it say it was to be held in Naracoorte,” she said.

“So to go from that to photographing the event was fantastic.”

For Ms Kloeden, the personal moments at big events were the most memorable.

“A major highlight for concert photography is being so close to the artists and when you make eye contact with them and get that really good shot,” she said.

“But it is also getting to know the artists personally and having them share your work across social media.”

Now on a break from live photography due to COVID-19 restrictions Ms Kloeden was eager to get back in the game.

“I was in New Zealand when the virus hit and when I got back I actually had to self isolate for two weeks,” she said.

“It has not been too bad however because I have had a few little things like photographing an Adelaide artist for an album cover and a few interviews.

“I feel so sorry for all those artists where performing is their only income and there has been such little support for them until recently too.”