Emerging performer takes on tough role in South East production

RISING STAR: South East local Casey Rout has explored his interest in acting from a young age, culminating in his part in the upcoming production of In The Pines.

YOUNG PROFESSIONAL: Casey Rout, aged just 18, has joined the cast of In The Pines created by Gener8 Theatre’s Jamie Harding and John Crouch. In The Pines delves into the dark world of “ice” and the impacts of the insidious drug sweeping our country.

AT JUST 18 years old, Limestone Coast young gun Casey Rout is making a name for himself in the acting world and will hit the stage later this month as part of the In The Pines production.

In The Pines tackles the country’s crystal methamphetamine “ice” scourge, delving deep into the underbelly of the culture of the insidious drug.

This will be the first major production for Casey, who has been studying acting at Ovation Centre of Performing Arts for more than eight years.

“It is really exciting to be part of something so special,” Casey said.

“In The Pines highlights an issue in the community that is mostly hidden away.

“I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to bring this issue to the forefront and push for change.”

Casey began acting as a way of expressing himself and connect with those around him.

Although he is an avid actor, Casey said he also has a passion for photography.

“I have a genuine appreciation for all art forms,” he said.

“I just feel like art shows a side of people that everyday life does not.

“I get to put myself in someone else’s shoes and experience how life must be for them.”

Gener8 Theatre and Ovation Centre for Performing Arts artistic director Jamie Harding said he was thrilled to have Casey on board for the performance.

“After growing up in the region, I know how hard it is to get into acting,” Jamie said.

“I try wherever I can to employ cast members from country areas and give them hope for a future career in the industry.

“Having mentored Casey through Ovation for many years, I was well aware of his talent, so when he auditioned for a part, I knew I had to find something for him.”

Although Casey originally auditioned for the role of Jordan and was unsuccessful, Mr Harding ultimately decided to create a new character for Casey to make sure he joined the cast.

“The part he will be playing will hopefully challenge his skills, but also spur him on to build a real career,” Jamie said.

Local actor and Gener8 Theatre associate director John Crouch will also take on a role in the production, with his character sharing a close relationship with Casey.

“I am really looking forward to working alongside him,” John said.

“For someone so young, he has so much talent, so it will be exciting to see him perform in a professional arena.”

Casey said he was grateful for the guidance he has received from both Jamie and John and cannot wait for the show.

“I am just impatiently waiting for the premiere,” he said.

“Obviously I am excited to perform myself, but I am just as eagerly excited to see the whole production pulled off and find out what the future will hold for In The Pines.”

In The Pines will hit the Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre stage on August 23 with tickets available at the box office or online.