Photographer develops keen eye for business

WINNER: Independent Member for Mount Gambier Troy Bell presents Georgia Quick with the¬†trophy for this year’s Mount Gambier Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Business Awards Young Business Person of the Year.

THIS year’s winner of the Mount Gambier Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Business Awards Young Business Person of the Year is as busy as ever.

Owning her own photography business, Georgia Quick says she is booked out every weekend until early next year.

Picking up her first camera when she was only 10 years old, Georgia practiced her natural skills around her family home.

“I started taking photographs around the house of my pets, my sister and at 16 I began to take photographs at parties, which then grew into debutante balls and graduations,” Georgia said.

After studying photography for a semester in high school, she found the unit did not challenge her and took to YouTube and books to further develop her skills.

“I thought I may as well give it a go,” she said.

Always enjoying the craft, Georgia said her favorite aspect of the job was meeting new people, the end result and seeing clients thrilled with her work.

But with all occupations, Georgia faced challenges daily, from learning how to use new equipment to trying to work with camera-shy children.

“Some people might not like being in front of the camera, so you have to work with them and around them,” she explained.

“Kids especially get distracted, so bringing lollies and things along and working with them more than working for yourself helps – you have got to fit in with them and make it as comfortable for

them as you can.”

Despite her love of photographing parties, balls, and graduations, Georgia said she would love to enter the wedding photography side of the profession.

“I have always loved weddings, with everyone dressed up for the happiest day of their lives, being among that and making their day special is always a good feeling,” she said.

Georgia balances studying veterinary nursing alongside her work, but has the help of Naomi O’Donohoe and her sister Alex, along with the support of her parents.

“Because I live at home still it is handy – I keep on top of both and I do not fall too far behind,” Georgia said.

“But you have to use your time wisely and sometimes it might be a late night.”

When looking back on her photography journey so far, she impresses herself with how far she has come.

Despite the hardships of balancing study, photography and casual work, Georgia said she was proud of what she had accomplished.

“You go to people’s homes to visit and see your photograph and think ‘that’s my work on their wall for everyone to see’ – it’s always exciting.”

Georgia is also working as a photographer at Mount Gambier’s Mac’s Hotel – a job she continues to enjoy.

“It’s a different perspective because it’s the night life – I do not really consider it a job because I socialise when I’m there,” she said.

“I see my friends and have a good time while I’m there … it’s really just a fun job.”

She accepted the job after being approached by the previous photographer and has since donated her time and some photography packages to charity events hosted at the hotel.

“There was an event on at Mac’s for a guy who works at orphanages overseas and he wanted some photographs for that so I helped,” Georgia said.

“I do not want money for that kind of thing so I just volunteered.”

Georgia has also donated family photograph packages to other charity events.

She said she was speechless when she recently won the chamber of commerce award at the prestigious event.

“I was definitely overwhelmed very excited and thankful,” Georgia said.

“It was definitely an experience and I was glad my mum was there to support me.”