Chickpea tariffs lifted

CHICKPEAS: A nice crop of flowering desi chickpeas. Picture: Contributed 276438_01

Grain Producers SA (GPSA) have welcomed a decision by the Indian government to suspend tariffs on Australian Desi chickpeas.

The tariffs were originally established in 2017/2018 and have posed significant challenges to Australian chickpea exports to India, the world’s largest consumer of chickpeas.

The suspension of tariffs, which were initially equivalent to about 66 per cent, provides an excellent opportunity for the South Australian grain industry to capitalise on.

South Australia is a lead contributor to the nation’s chickpea production, averaging more than 36,000 tonnes of chickpeas annually for the past five years.

India’s decision to suspend the tariffs until March 31 2025 followed advocacy from various stakeholders, including GPSA, Grain Producers Australia (GPA), Grain Growers Limited and Grains Australia

Chief Executive Officer of GPSA Brad Perry commended the Indian government for the decision to suspend chickpea tariffs.

“This development underscores the importance of continued collaboration and engagement between governments and industry stakeholders,” he said.

“South Australia plays an important role in chickpea production, and the tariff suspension will undoubtedly enhance market opportunities.”

“GPSA actively supported the previous calls to remove the chickpea tariffs to India.

“The suspension of tariffs not only ensures ongoing market opportunities for Australian chickpeas but also fosters competition in key export markets.”

Grains Australia Pulse Council Chair Peter Wilson hailed the decision as a positive step towards strengthening trade relations between Australia and India.

“The suspension of tariffs presents a great opportunity for Australian producers to expand their presence in the Indian pulse market, ultimately contributing to the industry’s competitiveness and profitability,” he said.