Markets January 16

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Yarding: 1353 Change: 450


Tuesday, January 16

Naracoorte agents yarded 1353 cattle in a mostly good quality offering, made up of 903 young cattle, 404 cows, 16 bulls and about 30 open auction young cattle.

The regular buying group were active in a mostly dearer market.

Young cattle selling to 332c to the trade to be 20c to 30c/kg stronger.

Grown steers sold strongly to be 10c to 20c/kg dearer in places with cows selling from firm to 25c/kg dearer.

Bulls also sold to dearer competition.

Vealers sold to the trade from 265c to 310c with feeders paying from 200c to 280c/kg.

Yearlings sold to the trade from 255c to 332c with feeders paying from 160c to 296c/kg.

Grown steers sold dearer with medium weights selling from 245c to 332c/kg.

Heavy steers sold from 249c to 308c, with feeders paying from 220c to 315c/kg.

Grown heifers sold from 190c to 308c with restockers paying from 172 to 260c/kg.

An excellent run of cows were penned selling to stronger competition.

Medium weight D2 cows sold from 150c to 245c, with heavier weights selling from 220c to 271c/kg.

Bulls sold mostly from 190c to 235c/kg.

Yarding: 12297 Change: -1703 Lamb: 10785 Change: 785 Sheep: 1512 Change: -2488


Tuesday, January 16

Both lamb and sheep numbers were similar this week with 10,785.

Lambs and 1,512 sheep penned in another good quality yarding.

Trade and heavy lambs off pasture and grain were in good numbers and sold to the usual buying group at an easier trend.

Following last weeks dearer sale, lambs were mostly $10 to $20/head easier in places as the buying group operated with less urgency.

Medium and heavy trade weight shorn lambs sold from $142 to $178 with the heavy weights selling from $216 to $231/head.

The best of the unshorn lambs sold from $145 to $184/head.

Restockers were active and paid from $102 to $137/head, they paid from $26 to $74 for lighter shorn lambs and paid from $48 to $129 for unshorn lambs.

Sheep continue to sell to strong demand with sheep being similar to last week.

Merino ewes sold to $98 with heavy crossbred ewes selling to $121/head.

Light weight lambs sold from $78 to $114/head.

Light trade weight lambs sold from $120 to $145/head to average 620c/kg cwt.

Medium trade weight lambs sold from $142 to $176/head to average 630c/kg cwt.

Heavy trade weights sold from $148 to $178/head and averaged 660c/kg cwt.

Export weights sold from $165 to $211/head and averaged 670c/kg cwt.

Heavy weights sold from $216 to $231/head to average 670c/kg cwt.

Hoggets sold from $58 to $106/head.

Merino lambs sold from $84 to $139/head.

Light sheep sold from $12 to $28/head.

Medium weights sheep sold from $39 to $63/head.

To average 230c/kg cwt.

Heavy Merino sheep sold from $47 to $98/head and averaged 240c/kg cwt.

Merino wethers sold to $90/head.

Heavy crossbred sheep sold from $46 to $121, head ranging from 210c to 220c/kg cwt.

Heavy rams sold to 451/head.

Yarding: 2286 Change: 950


Wednesday, January 17

Numbers lifted sharply at Mount Gambier today as agents yarded around 900 more then the previous week with 2,286 head being offered.

These sold to a larger field of buyers with the trade, processors, feeders and restocker orders all being active.

Quality continues to be good with some mixed results in price being the end result.

Vealers lost up to 15c in price as steers to the trade made from mostly 220c to 300c with a high of 350c for a solitary calf as similar heifers sold from 220c to 285c/kg.

Feeders sourced steers from 222c to 307c as restockers operated over both sexes from 220c to 268c/kg.

Yearling steers to the trade lifted up to 20c as they returned from 250c to 285c as the heifer portion made from 215c to 280c/kg.

Feeders sought steers from 252c to 305c and heifers from 220c to 255c with some restocker support from 190c to 271c/kg over both sexes.

Grown steers and bullocks sold from 270c to 313c to be from firm to 4c better in price with feeder activity from 258c to 305c/kg.

Grown heifers were also a little better with a lift of also 4c to range from 213c to 278c as manufacturing steers returned from 210c to 280c/kg.

Heavy cows ranged from 238c to 270c to lift up to 6c as lighter types sold from 130c to 232c as bulls ranged from 172c to 220c/kg.

Yarding: 4814 Change: -1951 Lamb: 4522 Change: -1806 Sheep: 292 Change: -145


Wednesday, January 17

Numbers fell away as agents yarded 4,522 lambs and 292 sheep to total a combined 4,814 head overall.

These sold to the usual field of trade and processor buyers however not all of these were fully active with some failing to participate at all.

There was a wide range of type and quality over the pens with both shorn and woolly lambs on offer.

The market suffered a big fall in price with rates dropping by $20 to $30/head with more in places.

Light lambs to the trade sold from $108 to $116 with lightweight trade lots selling to $122/head.

An extra restocker order operated this week as restockers turned lambs back out from $60 to $130/head.

Tradeweight lambs sold from $120 to $148 as heavy lambs returned from $150 to $175 with the extra heavy lots selling from $170 to the market high of $217/head.

Hoggets sold from $17 to $100 with sheep ranging from $20 to $70/head.