DairySA Innovation Day takes stage

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UP to 180 dairy farmers and service providers from the South East are expected to be in attendance for the DairySA Innovation Day to be held at The Barn tomorrow.

Speakers from the South East and beyond involved during the night will provide insight into their fields and future endeavours.

– Dairy Australia chair James Mann will provide insights into the dairy landscape and the current challenges and opportunities for Dairy Australia.

– DairyBio professor Jennie Pryce will look into the future genetics of cattle and how technology can be used for profit and sustainability.

– DataGene stakeholder relations specialist Peter Thurn will see how Australia is expanding the horizons of genetic selection of dairy cattle.

– Dairy Australia marketing strategy manager Glenys Zucco has driven community support for dairy and will address the changing expectations of consumers.

– Tom Cosentino from the South Australian Dairyfarmers Association (SADA) Industry Fund will express the importance of industry investment.

– Dairy Production Sciences Agriculture Victoria research manager Bill Wales has his ‘First 100 Days Project’ while addressing the most critical period in each cow’s lactation.

– Dr Rebel Skirving will talk of epigenetics and the results of her research study about the understanding of colostrum and it’s potential to harness cows for the future.

– University of Adelaide professor of pasture agronomy Kevin Smith will discuss new tools and technologies foe further development of pasture cultivation and value assessment.

Tickets for the event can be purchased on the Eventbrite or Dairy Australia websites.