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Yarding: 381 Change: -178


Wednesday, May 25

Numbers fell away as agents yarded 381 head of liveweight and open auction cattle.

These sold to a large field of trade and processor buyers along with the usual feeder and restocker orders.

Quality was mixed over the pens in a market that mainly sold from firm to a little better in places.

Yearling steers mainly went to feed on from 350c to 631c with similar heifers also to feed on made from 524c to 585c as the trade were active on the heifers from 380c to 600c/kg.

Restockers operated here on both sexes from 590c to 608c/kg.

Grown steers and bullocks attracted trade support from 448c to 530c with feeder operating from 470c to 562c/kg.

Grown heifers to the trade ranged from 388c to 468c with feeder support from 355c to 530c as manufacturing steers sold from 355c to 420c/kg.

Heavy cows were sought after as they lifted up to 9c to range from 340c to 390c as the lighter types to trade buyers peaked at 335c with feeder activity from 260c to 370c/kg.

Bulls ranged from 240c to 328c/kg to the trade with restockers taking a single back to the paddock at 342c/kg.

Yarding: 368 Change: -214


Tuesday, May 24

There was a smaller yarding of cattle with 188 head less.

The regular buying group attended in a mixed quality offering from good to plain.

Prices for the younger and grown cattle did fluctuate in places during the market depending on the quality overall selling close to unchanged.

Cows and bulls mainly sold to firm market on average.

Steer vealers sold from 580c to 630c with the heifer vealers making mostly from 500c to 604c/kg with the restockers and trade both active.

Yearling steers to the restockers and feeders made from 544c to 622c/kg.

Yearling heifers to the trade sold from 502c to 590c as the feeders and restockers purchased their heifers from 420c to 558c/kg.

A sale of 3 light weight grown steers sold for 500c/kg.

Good quality grown heifers with cover made from 400c to 470c with feeders again active paying from 455c to 490c/kg.

A pen of extra heavy weight manufacturing bullocks sold for 300c/kg.

Heavy weight beef cows mostly made from 335c to 375c/kg.

A few sales of medium weight cows sold from 250c to 300c and the plain light cows made from 80c to 180c/kg.

Restockers purchased cows from 185c to 333c providing extra competition.

Heavy beef bulls sold from mainly 300c to 312c, with two younger bulls reaching 335c/kg.

Yarding: 5939 Change: -840 Lamb: 4860 Change: -4808 Sheep: 1079 Change: +187


Tuesday, May 24

There was a reduced offering of 4,860 lambs and a small lift in sheep numbers to 1,079.

It was a mixed quality yarding from heavy weight lambs showing excellent cover and ideal trade weight lambs to plainer lots suiting restockers.

The usual buying gallery attended and operated with slightly less demand.

Light lambs sold mainly unchanged helped by restocker competition, medium trade weights sold from $1to $3/head cheaper and heavy lambs sold close to firm.

Restockers purchased light lambs from $79 to $147 with the better quality store lambs from $141 to 159/head.

The best of the Merino lambs made from $166 to $205/head to average 770c/kg cwt.

Very light weight lambs to the processors made from $47 to $89/head with light lambs selling from $105 to $147 and the light trade weights sold from $145 to $168/head as they averaged between 815c and 900c/kg cwt.

Medium trade weight lambs sold from $161 to $191 and heavier trade weights made from $190 to $215/head as they averaged in costs from 770c to 800c/kg cwt.

Heavy lambs sold from $206 to $232 to average 760c and the extra heavy pens made from $227 to $264/head averaging 719c/kg cwt.

Heavy crossbred hoggets sold to a top of $209 and a pen Merino hoggets made to $179/head.

The sheep market remained steady for the mixed quality penning of all weights and grades as prices remained unchanged.

Light weight mutton sold mainly from $103 to $126 with very light lots $65 to $82/head.

Medium weight sheep sold from $130 to $146, heavier pens made from $164 to $190 and the extra heavy crossbred ewes sold from $184 to $221/head.

Mutton costs mainly averaged from 575c to 620c/kg cwt throughout the sale.

Medium weight Merino wethers made from $159 to $166 and a sale of crossbred wethers sold to $211/head.

Rams of all breeds sold from $30 to $112/head.