Oh deer! Feds fund trap trial

A NEW project trialling large scale feral deer traps has been showcased in the Limestone Coast, with landholders invited to see the latest innovations in managing feral deer populations.

The trial is being funded by the Federal Government’s Smart Farms Small Grants program and the Limestone Coast Landscape Board’s Grassroots Grants scheme – which aims to educate landholders on feral deer control innovations and sustainable agricultural practices.

Livestock SA project manager Pene Keynes said there was great interest in the traps and discussions have shown feral deer control is a priority for landholders throughout the state.

“Landholders are concerned about the damage feral deer can cause to the environment, including heritage scrubland, grazing lands and agricultural crops and the risks they pose to biosecurity,” she said.

Ms Keynes said while the traps have shown great promise, trial work needs to continue to learn more about deer behaviour, the effect of seasonal conditions, and to refine the trapping methods.

The trial has shown there is potential for these traps to capture deer slowly and consistently.

They can also be remotely monitored and hold groups of deer, while supporting animal welfare standards by providing feed, water and shade in a non-stressful environment.