Numbers drop but prices rise

FIRST SALE OF 2021: Numbers fell sharply at this week's sheep sale at the Mount Gambier and District Saleyards. FILE IMAGE


NUMBERS fell sharply as agents yarded 6092 lambs and 79 sheep to total 6171 head overall, almost half of the last sale of last year.

These sold to the usual field of trade and processor buyers with a number of active restockers also seeking lambs.

Quality was very mixed ranging from well presented shorn lambs to woolly lambs that were dry and needing the attention of the shearer.

Pricing was good as the market sold to a dearer trend then the previous sale.

Light lambs to the trade were scarce with restockers providing strong competition for these with the trade purchasing to a top of $151 as restockers took a wide range of lambs back home from $55 to $165/head. Trade weight 3 score lambs made from $154 to $182 to lift from $3 to $6/head.

Heavy lambs sold from $185 to $213 as most of the extra heavy lambs were making from $212 to $252 with one sale of superb lambs reaching the market high of $270/head.

Most lamb sales sold from 780c to 820c/kg cwt.

Hoggets made from $70 to $206/head.

The lighter sheep sold from $110 to $131/head.

Heavy sheep made from $150 to $200 as wethers reached $210/head.

Rams sold to $100/head.


NUMBERS eased in both the sheep and lambs as agents yarded 6790 lambs and 860 sheep to total 7650 head overall.

These sold to the usual array of trade and processor buyers along with a number of active restocker orders.

Quality was generally good with the majority of the offering now having been shorn as the market sold to a dearer trend with some buyers going home empty handed at the current rates.

Light lambs to the trade old from $136 to $148 with the light weight trade 2 and 3 score selection selling to a high of $162/head.

Restockers sourced lambs to turn out from $112 to $155/head.

Trade weight 3 score lambs made from $163 to $196 as the heavy pens sold from $190 to $230 with most sales making from 850c to 880c/kg cwt with the market lifting from $10 to $20/head.

The extra heavy lambs returned from $227 to a market high of $265/head.

Hoggets sold from $150 to $190/head.

Light ewes made from $98 to $126/head.

Medium weight ewes sold from $125 to $158 as the heavy sheep made from $193 to a high of $230/head.

Rams made from $40 to $140/head.


AGENTS yarded 21,098 lambs at Hamilton this week back more than half of the previous sale offering.

The offering of lambs ranged from plain to good, however did not display the overall weight that was offered prior to Christmas.

Shorn lambs are now appearing on the market and displayed some good quality and were keenly sort after by processors and feeders.

There was a full contingent of processors as well as restockers and those in attendance were not always fully active.

Restocking competition came from Bendigo, Horsham, Shepparton, Gladstone, the south east of South Australia and local areas in a sale that fluctuated throughout to be $10/head dearer in places for the restocker orders, quality driven.

The best shorn lambs made to $250 and the best woolly lamb made to $244/head.

Light 12 to 18kg lambs on offer made from $118 to $179/head, averaging from 820c to 1,100c/kg cwt.

The light trade weight lambs 18 to 22kg sold from $153 to $210/head, to average from 800c to 880c/kg cwt.

The medium trade weight lambs 22 to 25kg made from $168 to $241/head, to average from 820c to 900c/kg cwt.

Heavy trade weight lambs 26 to 30kg and over made up to $250/head, to average 820c/kg to 860c/kg cwt.

The 3 score hoggets made to $178/head.

*Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited –