Festive support for farmers

FESTIVE SUPPORT: Rural Aid chief executive John Warlters.

NATIONAL farmer-focused charity Rural Aid is encouraging Australians to consider the needs of primary producers over Christmas by hosting a fundraising party or supporting a rural family.

Rural Aid chief executive John Warlters said it had been a challenging year for the nation’s farming sector and a small gesture at Christmas time could have a major impact on rural families.

β€œDrought, bushfire and flood are regular and devastating realities for Australian farmers,” Mr Warlters said.

“These challenges create financial, emotional and practical hurdles for this crucial sector of our community and economy; the people who put food on our tables and clothes on our back.

β€œIn addition, COVID-19 created new pressures for farmers this year.

“Domestic border closures impacted the supply chain for farmers, and international border closures impacted the workforce of shearers and fruit pickers.”

Visit www.ruralaid.org.au to view a number of festive programs supporting Australian farmers.