Millicent cattle sales return to Thursday


AGENTS yarded 678 liveweight cattle at Millicent Saleyards last week, which also saw the return to Thursday markets at the livestock selling facility.

These sold to the usual buying field with all buyers attending.

Excellent quality grass-fed cattle were offered, a credit to all vendors.

Heavy steers ranged from 3.68 c/kg to 4.22 c/kg.

Vealer steers were top quality and ranged from 4.22 c/kg to 4.62 c/kg, vealer heifers ranged from 3.65 c/kg to 4.54 c/kg.

Cows were once again in demand and sold from 2.70 c/kg to 3.17 c/kg with bulls returning 2.80 c/kg to 3.00 c/kg.

Once again Millicent has shown quality of cattle in the area, with an average of 3.80 c/kg achieved over the entire yarding.

The next sale at the Millicent Saleyards will be held on Thursday, November 26.