Export milk opportunity

THE South Australian Dairyfarmers Association has been approached by a company looking to develop A2 Protein-Only milk products for both the domestic and export markets.

The company is seeking producers who may qualify or be interested in building up an A2 herd.

In particular, they are looking for supply partners who have been employing selective breeding to maintain and increase the percentage of A2/A2 genotype cows and are likely to have 95pc or higher A2/A2 Cows.

Testing methods are available to test milk samples taken from both on-farm storage and at the individual cow level.

Farmers interested in participating would need to provide three days-worth of milk samples taken from their on-farm storage right before it is collected.

The processor will get samples tested at their expense and report on the results.

If further testing is required at the herd level, this can be further discussed but, as a guide, can be done at roughly $20/cow.

Recent data on the milk quality for each farm will need to be shared with respect to milk solids which will be key inputs in the pricing offered.

The SADA announcement follows initial discussions which suggest both the price on offer and the term of supply may be competitive for some farms.

Contact SADA for more information.