Nine-hour music gig in the works

MOUNTFEST: Mount Gambier band, the 5th of June, will be one of nine performing at the South Aussie Hotel in early April.

Charlotte Varcoe

LIVE music is making a comeback to Mount Gambier with a nine hour performance at the South Aussie Hotel next month.

Nine local bands will perform at the hotel during ‘Mountfest’, celebrating the live music scene post-restrictions.

One of the bands, The 5th of June, will perform with lead vocalist Cal Roachock excited to get back on stage.

“Local shows coming back is awesome because it gives those who play only local hometown shows an opportunity to dive straight back into the gigs we have been so sorely missing,” Mr Roachock said.

“Our last Mount Gambier show was in June last year but we have been fortunate enough to play a handful of shows in Adelaide since then.”

He said the coming event would help get the ball rolling for local, live events and bring attention back to local bands.

“There is a huge line-up and we would not miss the opportunity to play alongside all of our friends again,” Mr Roachock said.

“It has been way too long since we have played with some of these bands and we have been itching to get back with them again.”

Encouraging the community to continue to support local bands, the lead vocalist said those who attend local shows often discover home-grown talent.

“Even if people come along to see their friend’s band on the night they are sure to come across bands they will enjoy and will soon find themselves diving head first into the endless talent on the local scene,” Mr Roachock said.

“This gig is going to give all the bands the opportunity to get back into live shows and get out all the energy that has surely been pent up the last few months.

“With restrictions easing we are also keen to see our local friends at shows again and with life being so busy it seems these events are the only time we get to see each other.”

The event will be held at the South Aussie Hotel on April 2 with tickets available now.

Other bands include Hidden Intent, Higgs Field, Church Moms, Paste, In the Kitchen, Stokes, Groove Distortion and Smelling Salts.