Riddoch welcomes new face

NEW FACE TO THE REGION: The Riddoch Arts and Cultural Centre's newest face, Diana Warnes who has taken on the role of the centre's manager.

Charlotte Varcoe

THE Riddoch Arts and Cultural Centre has welcomed a new face with Diana Warnes taking on the role of centre manager.

Ms Warnes previously worked at the Rockhampton Museum of Art and the Home of the Arts on the Gold Coast.

Excited to begin her new journey on the Limestone Coast, Ms Warnes said she had already noticed the important role the arts and cultural centre played within the community.

“The Riddoch Centre is more of a cultural centre rather than just an art gallery which I think is fantastic,” Ms Warnes said.

“I love working in regional galleries and all the work I have done previously were amazing roles where I have gotten to know a collection really well.”

Having never worked in a heritage building before, she said she was excited to learn about the history and culture of the area.

“I am also excited to learn more about the history of the town and what changes can be made to the centre to further compliment that history,” she said.

“We are already looking towards the second half of the year in regards to exhibitions which is really exciting and the collection the Riddoch has now is amazing and very exciting.

“Through the collection I have seen brilliant pieces of both local and popular artwork which is quite prolific and I do believe we can even further develop the collection as well.”

She said another item on her list was to learn more about what the community and tourists would like to see from the centre, and possibly incorporate more history.

“We know people are looking for a bit of history because the volcano screening is still very popular,” she said.