Mount Gambier goes back in history

COSPLAY INITIATIVE: Mount Gambier cosplayer Stella Harfield says she is excited to get going on her outfits for the Mount Gambier Fantasy Medieval Fair.

Charlotte Varcoe

COSPLAYERS from across the region are dusting off their sewing machines with the inaugural Mount Gambier Fantasy Medieval Fair officially going ahead.

Planned to be held at the local showgrounds, the two-day fair will feature a range of activities including a combat arena, a tavern and an artisan lane with local and touring artists.

Alongside this, a cosplay competition will also be held for those dressing for the occasion with those of all ages encouraged to gear up and enter.

Mount Gambier cosplayer Stella Harfield said she was excited to see a local cosplay event happening here in the Limestone Coast.

“I am so excited to be able to cosplay locally because it is something I can easily share with my friends and my community,” Ms Harfield said.

“Having the competition locally also helps more people to be able to participate because there isn’t the added cost of travel, accommodation or food on top of that.”

Developing a passion for cosplaying within recent years, Ms Harfield said it was the freedom to dress up and be someone else which enticed her.

“When I found out there was a name for dressing up as my favourite character and a community built around it, I was thrilled,” she said.

“I really encourage anyone who enjoys dressing up or just wants a different hobby that allows creativity to give it a try.”

As for the medieval festival, Ms Harfield said she was already working on a range of different outfits for the day while also looking forward to the wide range of unique experiences.

“The fair really gives local exhibitors who can show their wares that might be niche products normally and it brings exhibitors from outside the area to the region as well which is great,” she said.

Medieval Fair event organiser Talie Teakle said the inspiration for the event came from her own personal experience during university.

“I used to go to a lot of medieval fairs in my 20s while at university and always loved the costumes and atmospheres at the fairs,” Ms Teakle said.

“We discussed the idea behind getting the fair going after a Fringe Festival planning meeting one day and soon formed a committee with others.

“This style of festival has a big community of followers and so we are thrilled to have a Mount Gambier version added to the circuit which is also guaranteed to attract visitors to our city and create a vibrant, cultural event for our residents to look forward to as well.”

The two-day event will be held at the Mount Gambier Showgrounds from April 23-24 next year with early bird tickets available online now.