Final gig for Millicent duo

FINAL GIG: JD and Crowey performed for the final time together over the weekend as part of the 150th Millicent celebration.

Charlotte Varcoe

IT was the end of a short era for the Millicent musical duo Jason Baker, who is the lead singer, and Ash Crowe as the lead guitarist, as they made their final appearance as the popular JB and Crowey.

Held at the Millicent 150 celebrations recently, the musical duo performed in front of an excited and positive crowd.

First appearing in the public eye in 2017, the duo decided to call it quits and move onto different things.

“There is no bad blood between Ash and myself but it started to feel a bit stale as we were doing the same thing and we wanted to change it up a bit,” Mr Baker said.

“We don’t know what we are looking at doing in the future, I haven’t decided whether I would try and play solo or find a band that needs a singer but I am sure something will come up.”

He said despite the split, the two were grateful for the ongoing support from the community over the past five years.

“The concept between the two of us playing together started as we were sitting around a campfire and Ash had his guitar and I just started singing,” Mr Baker said.

“From there we decided we should jam together which we did four or so times before our first public gig and it just went on from there.

“We both got along really well and we flowed together too as we would only have to nod or wink to each other and know exactly what we were going to do.”

He said the crowds were also generally fantastic for their live performances with the audience over the weekend also singing along.

“Everyone seemed really happy to be there and although there were a lot of questions we had a ball,” Mr Baker said.

“The weekend went well, especially after the wind died off towards the end which made the night lovely and allowed people to really enjoy themselves.”

Mr Baker said across the years it was difficult to pinpoint a singular performance which stood out to him, labelling all events as a positive experience.

“From our perspective most performances are pretty much the same and we were always happy about that,” he said.

“We managed to play at a number of venues across the region and the crowds were always happy.”