Art adds to street corner

STREET ART: Millicent High School student Demi Bevan was one of the artists.

BOANDIK inspired paintings now adorn a footpath area on a street corner in Millicent’s central business district.

On Wednesday, year 8 students from Millicent High School painted designs on the inside of newly built concrete flower boxes on footpath protuberances on the intersection of Glen, Davenport and Stuckey Streets.

A collaboration between the high school, Wattle Range Council and the local indigenous community, the project is expected to be completed next year when steel cuts outs, also in Boandik inspired designs, will be affixed to the outside of the protuberances.

The project follows the students participating in an aboriginal study this year.

Three teachers combined with members of the indigenous community to deliver the study subjects

One of the teachers, Ellie Walker said the main focus of the study was educating the students about Australia’s first nations peoples.

“Students learnt about our country’s history, acknowledging our past to work towards reconciliation,” said Ms Walker.

“They learnt language, visual literacy and symbols and strategies as young members of Millicent to work towards a reconciled and harmonious future.

“The artworks demonstrate the inclusive, progressive and fundamental values the high school embodies.

“Students, staff, elders and aboriginal support workers came together to collaborate on the designs to bring learning into the community and also to illustrate Millicent High School’s underpinning value for reconciliation.”

The paintings will be officially unveiled on Saturday during Millicent’s 150th birthday celebrations with a traditional smoking ceremony.