No dampening Cellar Dwellers

FULL STEAM AHEAD: The 2021 Coonawarra Cellar Dwellers month-long series of events is expected to go ahead despite a number of COVID-19 restrictions.

Charlotte Varcoe

AN INCREASE in COVID-19 restrictions across South Australia has not put a damper on the Coonawarra Cellar Dwellers events with just one out of 12 events across the coming fortnight cancelled.

Cellar doors have once again implemented the one person per two square metre rule alongside no vertical consumption of food or beverages following Monday’s direction by the State Government.

Coonawarra Vignerons chief executive Ockert Le Roux said despite not being business as usual, staff from the vignerons and cellar doors have applauded health authorities on their quick response to the potential outbreak.

“There are a few aspects which have changed, notably the density requirement which is not unfamiliar to cellar doors following October’s restrictions during our Cabernet Celebrations,” Mr Le Roux said.

“When the announcements are made by the government we have a look at the directions issued and assess each event based on those requirements to ensure we are within the limits to continue these events.”

He said the Delta strain – which is currently spreading in multiple jurisdictions across Australia – was cause for the community to be mindful of the potential sudden changes within the state.

“We see these lockdowns happening across the nation overnight so we are all continuing to monitor the information issued by authorities and make decisions accordingly,” Mr Le Roux said.

“This includes risk assessments, prudent assessments and proactive measures to ensure the community, staff and the region are protected.”

It is encouraged if ticket holders or participants of Cellar Dweller events feel unwell, they remain at home and get a COVID-19 test conducted at their closest station.

Those who do attend events across the wine region would need to continue signing into each venue through the QR code provided, practice positive hand hygiene and maintain the suggested 1.5 metre social distancing.

“The wineries are a little disappointed they cannot operate under normal circumstances and we have had a number of cancellations from those interstate or from hotspots across the country but with that being said our members and hosts remain positive and are grateful the events can still go ahead,” Mr Le Roux said.

“If we look at these events they are mostly held across the weekends, the most people attending would be 50 and that is spread throughout the Coonawarra region so we do not think we should be afraid of attending these events.”

Visit the Coonawarra Vignerons website for the latest event information.