Artists combine

COLOURFUL DISPLAY: The colourful piece by Maxnie Fry highlights the importance of creativity when utilising textiles for art.

MILLICENT Gallery will welcome back textile artists Suzanne Gummow, Maxine Fry, Kerrie Head and Jenny Bates this weekend for their innovative exhibition The Tree of Us +1.

The exhibition, which opens 2pm Sunday, depicts versions of loved landscapes and seeks to remind observers of places where interest, beauty, and connection with nature can be found.

Council libraries and gallery manager Janice Nitschke encouraged visitors to view the creative exhibition.

“Suzanne Gummow, Maxine Fry and Jenny Bates’s textile art is synonymous with the Geltwood Festival and their works have been exhibited nationally,” Ms Nitschke said.

“Renowned textile artist and educator Suzanne Gummow will open the exhibition and along with Kerrie Head, a new member of the group, will discuss their works,” she said.

The group started as a trio, working to encourage each other in their textile art endeavours.

A mutual love of trees led to The Tree of Us group being created, with the addition of a new artist leading to the “+1″ addition.

“They challenged themselves to work in a quirky, naïve style, using bright colours, with the water, land and sky flowing from one piece to another, and swapping some fabrics for us all to incorporate in each piece,” Ms Nitschke said.

The exhibition will be display throughout May.