Spotlight shined on climate change

Jamie Harding20160812 Copy  TBW Newsgroup
CLIMATE SPOTLIGHT: Mount Gambier theatre producer Jamie Harding will embark on one of the state's most ambitious art installations.

Jamie Harding20160812 Copy  TBW Newsgroup
CLIMATE SPOTLIGHT: Mount Gambier theatre producer Jamie Harding will embark on one of the state’s most ambitious art installations.

MOUNT Gambier theatre producer Jamie Harding is set to throw the spotlight on climate change through an innovative digital art project.

Mr Harding – who is well known for producing In the Pines and a myriad of other theatre works – is embarking on his next project to coincide with the 2019 Landcare statewide conference in late October.

The Gener8 artistic director is calling for “young and old” to submit painted or digitally produced artwork for the UnearthED Digital installation, which will be unveiled in the heart of Bordertown.

It is understood the creative installation will be one of the state’s most ambitious art projects.

The concept will embrace human form, music, animations, the spoken word and 3D projection mapping.

Country Arts SA has allocated $25,000 in funding for the highly anticipated project.

“The call out is open to all youth who live in the Limestone Coast region and is super exciting for the youth whose art work is picked to be displayed as part of the installation,” Mr Harding said.

“The planet has a fever, we are the antibodies – and we have to start kicking in. So youth it’s your time to rise up and be heard through your art.”

The project aimed to raise the awareness of climate change, including how it had impacted on the Limestone Coast.

“What has become across this vast, beautiful land of Australia is that a way of life is on the edge of vanishing,” Mr Harding said.

“Our summers, once a time of innocent pleasure, now are to be feared, to be anticipated not with joy but with dread, a time of discomfort, distress and fear.”

Power grids collapse, dying rivers vomit huge fish kills, while in the north, there are unprecedented floods so extreme it pushes at the very edge of liveability, according to Mr Harding said.

“Climate change is not just happening. It’s happening far quicker than predicted and risks posed threaten to exacerbate many of the social, economic and health inequalities experienced by those living in regional areas.

“Last year we saw the storm that is brewing between the government and youth, as thousands held a national strike on climate inaction.”

The project was inspired by 15-year-old Greta Thunberg, who has been protesting change in Stockholm.

Gener8 is a professional collective dedicated to the development of original regional performance works that foster partnerships between regional and city-based artists.