Dog snatchers busted

DOGNAPPING: Six-month-old Labrador Delta and Wolfhound-cross Coco were victims of a near dog-napping situation in the early hours of yesterday morning from their home in Mount Gambier.

MOUNT Gambier resident Megan Ratcliffe had a frightening start to the morning yesterday when two unknown men attempted to steal her dogs from her property.

Witnessing a pet owner’s nightmare, Ms Ratcliffe saw her beloved six-month-old Labrador and her roommate’s Wolfhound-cross being dragged by their collars across the front lawn.

“It was around 3.30am, shortly after my husband and roommate left for work when I heard


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Unbelievable what people do.

Stolen dogs are nightmare of an owner because they are a integral part of the family.

Good that the snatchers were caught.

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