Disc golf aces race for glory

ACE RACERS ON TARGET: The Mount Gambier Disc Golf Club held an Ace Race competition last week, with Lachlan Wookey home in second place, Hayden McPherson claiming the outright honours and Todd Brooks filling the podium in third.

PARTICIPANTS from Adelaide and Victoria converged upon the Crater Lakes Disc Golf Park to compete in the first Ace Race event hosted by Mount Gambier Disc Golf.

An array of both regular and first-time local disc golfing enthusiasts were also present.

The competition standard course saw the majority of its 18 holes shortened into novelty options to assist in the sole aim for each competitor to accomplish the most holes in one, or aces.

A total of 16 aces were achieved throughout the competition by no less than 11 different competitors, but it was local club champion Hayden McPherson with a total of three aces who claimed first place and the major prize pack.

Fellow Limestone Coast competitor Lachlan Wookey took second place, with Adelaide-based South Australian Disc Golf president Todd Brooks third, both with two aces each to their names.



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