Designer signs on to help reduce risk

A MOUNT Gambier graphic designer has donated his time and expertise to develop warning signs for households containing high-risk health issues as a precautionary measure in response to COVID-19.

The Sign Depot’s Steve Gallucio has created several warning signs for community members – who need to take extra precautions due to pre-existing health issues – to place at their home.

The idea was triggered after Mr Gallucio received a phone call from a man requesting a similar sign to protect their young child.

“His child has complex medical requirements and is at high risk if exposed to somebody with COVID-19,” Mr Gallucio said in a social media post.

“He has requested signage for the front of his house to prevent people entering and also warning outsiders of the situation inside his home.”

Applauding the innovation, Mr Gallucio put the call-out on Facebook to anyone who may need a similar type of signage, offering to donate 50 to those in need.

“If you have somebody in your family or a friend that may need to take these extra precautions in these crazy times then inbox me and I will get one organised for you,” he said.

“I will be paying for these out of my own pocket to do my extra part for the community.

“First 50 only, I still have bills to pay.”

A self-confessed comic, Mr Gallucio said COVID-19 was not a laughing matter and people needed to take it more seriously.

“The fact that people needed the director of health in our area to confirm a case before being vigilant and take this seriously is a joke,” Mr Gallucio said.

“People think we live in a little bubble down here in the Limestone Coast even though we are smack bang in the middle of two capital cities.

“The level of ignorance or naive mindset is mentally straining.”

*The Border Watch Newsgroup approached Mr Gallucio for approval to print the poster in support of his generous community donation of 50 signs.

If your household contains a health risk, cut out the poster below and display it at your residence.


If there are any of these signs available i would like to know how to get one. I have lupus, immuno compromised with cancer and coloatomy.

It’s these acts of selflessness and reaching out to help everyone in our community that will see Australia hopefully come through this unprecedented event with minimal loss of life and able to tackle whatever challenges are thrown our way. I tip my hat to you Steve

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