Cultural exchange comes to end

CANADA TO CANUNDA: Morgan Loder packed his belongings in Canada and enjoyed his year in the South East as part of the Rotary youth exchange program. Morgan attended Kangaroo Inn Area School (KIAS) during his time in the region and was exposed to marine and rural activity and contrasting cultures.

FROM the white snow of Canada to the white sand of Canunda, Morgan Loder bid farewell last week to the South East – a place he has called home for the past year.

Last July, the 16-year-old Rotary youth exchange student was not sure what to expect when he left 1500 peers at his Oakville Ontario high school to join the 100 plus enrolments at Kangaroo Inn Area School (KIAS).

Morgan was billeted out to a number of local families in Robe, Beachport, Claywells, Millicent and Wattle Range throughout his time in Australia and described his experience as “really different”.

“I am from a suburb


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