Community urged to ‘make a splash’ to secure sports centre development

GET IN THE GAME: A steering committee representing four of the city’s major sporting codes – basketball, netball, tennis and swimming – will aim to collect 20,000 signatures in 20 days in a show of support for the construction of a regional multi-million dollar indoor/outdoor sports and recreation centre.

FITNESS throughout the colder months could become a lot easier for Mount Gambier residents in the near future as community members rally together on a major petition.

A steering committee formed at a community meeting last month has sparked conversation throughout the region as they aim to secure funding for a major sporting centre in the city.

The group – which represents four of the city’s major sporting codes – is hoping


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Maybe they could start using Blue Lake Sports Park first before we waste more ratepayers money on yet more sports facilities that never get used. Indoor pool is the only useful thing suggested. That is well overdue in this ‘City’.

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