Community urged to act on pet obedience

Lea And Ian Blue Lake  TBW Newsgroup
FURRY FRIENDS: Blue Lake Obedience Dog Club vice president Ian Mallard and president Lea Clark-Sandercock with Golden Retriever Airi, 11, Miniature Poodle Amari, 3 and Schnoodle Tully, 13. Mr Mallard and Ms Clark-Sandercock urges dog owners to take control of their pets and complete at least basic training to prevent them from becoming a nuisance. Picture: MOLLY TAYLOR

OBEDIENCE training for dogs should be made compulsory for pet owners, experienced Limestone Coast animal trainer Lea Clark-Sandercock believes.

With a spate of animal neglect cases reported across the Limestone Coast in recent months, Ms Clark-Sandercock has urged


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