Archers take cover

TUITION: Paul Freeman coaches new archer Peter Donhardt.

INCLEMENT weather rolled across the region Sunday afternoon and prompted Blue Lake Archers to reschedule its outdoor archery round as an indoor event.

The group who had gathered at a damp Corriedale Park needed no additional prompting to relocate to the shelter and comfort of the Malseed Park indoor venue.

Two newer archers were part of the of six archers present and before scored competition commenced there was an extended practice session to allow the newer pair to obtain decent sight settings.

Four archers took to the range, with one of the new archers scoring an unofficial round as a visitor, while the two other members chose to sit out the day.

A pair of Australian Indoor 18-metre rounds are staples for the local archers.

After the practice and warm up session two full rounds were completed to the accompanying sound of rain on the roof of the hall.

Len Bayley was back on deck after yet another Covid border closure had sidelined the Casterton-based archer.

Paul Freeman and new member Peter Donhardt continued their coaching during the events as Donhardt racked up two more scores toward gaining a handicap rating for the next event.

Bayley may have been a little out of practice but claimed a double win from the afternoon.

Round 1 was the closer result, Freeman snapping at Bayley’s heels but finishing three points shy.

Round 2 was a consistent score line for Freeman who duplicated his first round score of 270 points off-the-bow.

Donhardt found and extra 12 points on his first effort, while Bayley gained 11 points.

Handicap margins put Bayley well clear of the trio at the end of Round 2, shading Freeman to the tune of 14 points to clean sweep the day.

Indoor archery continues at Blue Lake Gymnastics Club, Malseed Park, Friday at 7.30pm, followed by outdoor archery at Corriedale Park from 12.30pm, Sunday.

Australian Indoor 18 metre, Round 1, handicap scored, benchmark 300 points: Len Bayley 285 (off the bow 231); Paul Freeman 282 (270); Peter Donhardt 206 (off the bow only).

Australian Indoor 18 metre, Round 2, handicap scored, benchmark 300 points: Len Bayley 296 (off the bow 282); Paul Freeman 282 (270); Peter Donhardt 218 (off the bow only).