Awards handed out



PORT MacDonnell Bowling Club held its end-of-season presentations on Sunday night after an ANZAC Day Legacy Pairs competition was played.

The Legacy Pairs was won by Robert Hutchesson and Michael Glynn, from Tim Wrightson and Nick Negline.

Meanwhile, the winter bowls season starts in May on Wednesdays and Sundays at 1pm, with names to be in by 12.30pm and all are welcome.


Ladies veteran singles: Winner Heather Richards, runner-up Jenny Tilley.

Men’s veteran singles: Winner Keith Dowdell, runner-up John Broadbent.

Ladies singles: Winner Heather Richards, runner-up Roma Henderson.

Men’s singles: Winner Tim Wrightson, runner-up Chris Richards.

Ladies triples: Winners skip Heather Richards, Judy Grosvesor and Jan Dowdell; runners-up skip Marilyn Sutton, Lorraine Mackereth and Lyn Vanderlay.

Mens triples: Winners skip Bill Richards, Paul Weir and Kevin Henderson; runners-up skip Kel Butler, Bart and Chris Lethlean.

Ladies pairs: Winners skip Heather Richards and Carol Schmidt; runners-up skip Roma Henderson and Lyn Jones.

Mens pairs: Winners skip John Broadbent and Barry Schmidt; runners-up skip Tim Wrightson and Keith Dowdell.

Ladies B Grade singles: Winner Elaine Pruis; runner-up Lyn Vanderley.

Mens B Grade singles: Winner Robin Bilney; runner-up Danny Gaut.

Ladies fours: Winners skip Heather Richards, Judy Grosvenor, Jan Dowdell and Sharon Perryman; runners-up skip Jenny Tilley, Carol Schmidt, Elaine Pruis and Nellie Lucas.

Mens fours: Winners skip Tim Wrightson, Keith Dowdell, Wayne Dowdell and Satch Neimeic; runners-up skip Kel Butler, Kevin Henderson, Des Horrigan and Victor Perryman.

Mixed pairs: Winners Chris Richards and Judy Grosvenor; runners-up Tim Wrightson and Jenny Tilley.

Ladies 100 up: Winner Sharon Perryman; runner-up Elaine Pruis.

Mens 100 up: Winner Des Horrigan; runner-up Kel Butler.

Mid week pennant premiers Port MacDonnell Red 12-55 d Mount Gambier Red 2-37: Skip Bill Richards, Heather Richards, Keith Dowdell, Lance Fisher/Barry Schmidt; skip Robert Hutchesson, Kevin Henderson, Roma Henderson, Des Horrigan.