Hard work shines through

TOUGH MATCHUP: Mark Hogan returns a shot in his loss to Danny Quintel in Round 3 of Millicent squash.


AN entertaining battle unfolded in Round 3 of the Millicent Squash Club Division 1 competition as the match of the night pitted club coach Steve Gray against one of the young guns, Gianni Giurastante.

Giurastante took the first game 15-12, with Gray turning the tables in the second for a 15-11.

Gray had the upper hand in the third with a strong 15-8, before being pushed again in the fourth by Giurastante.

Experience shone through in the end, with the coach taking the game 15-11 and the match.

The final points score saw Gray on 57 and Giurastante 45.

The division 2 match of the night played out between Lee Redway and Darrell Looker.

The two always have a marathon match and this one did not disappoint.

Looker took the first game 15-9, before Redway fought back and took the next two games, both 15-11.

Looker then dug in to claim the fourth 15-11, then kept his momentum rolling into the fifth and decider, with a 15-10 victory for thematch.

The final point scores had Looker on 67 and Redway 60.

The other Division 2 match of note was a classic experience versus youth contest between Ron Wood and Riley Redway.

The first game went to the young Redway 16-14, then experience prevailed in the next two games with Wood winning 15-13 and 15-9.

Redway fought his way back in the fourth game to win 15-12, then the young legs overcame experience in the final game, as Redway won 15-8.

The final points score saw Redway on 68 and Wood 64.

Round 3 Results.

Division 1: Slammer l/t Super Shots 6-4. G. Giurastante l/t S.Gray 1-3; M. Wright d M. Oliver 3-0; M. Hogan l/t D. Quintel 0-3.

Sweet Spots d Over Served 7-4. J. Muhovics d B. Kennewell 3-1; M. Abbott l/t L. Chant 1-3; T. Hardman d R. Wakelin 3-0.

Division 2: Slammers l/t Super Shots 7-9. F. Oliver l/t S. Osmond 2-3; C. Hunt d W. Bowering 3-0; R. Wood l/t R. Redway 2-3; E. Wood l/t P. Salmon 0-3.

Sweet Spots d Over Served 8 games to 7. P. Whitford l/t P. Alison 0-3; M. Hill d T. Sinclair 3-1; L. Redway l/t D. Looker 2-3; B. Cawood d L. Cawood 3-0.