New equipment pays off

IMPRESSIVE PERFORMANCE: Kallan Clare was the deserving winner of the indoor archery event last Friday night.


BLUE Lake Archers competed in both indoor and outdoor rounds last weekend, with some new equipment unfurled in Friday night’s indoor round at the Malseed Park.

Kallen Clare tested out his new release aid, while Paul Freeman wheeled out a whole new bow.

Once competition was underway Freeman challenged Clare to score the maximum three-arrow score of 30 points.

While Clare did not quite achieve that feat, a little later in the match he did pick off a pleasing 29-point score.

Clare was the deserving winner on the night on adjusted scores, beating Graham Lock by four points.

Sunday the outdoor range was back in action after a short hiatus.

A minimum group of three archers enjoyed a mild afternoon with moderate winds.

Len Bayley was able to return to the field after the Victorian state COVID-19 lock down kept him off the field the previous weekend.

Freeman settled into his new bow rapidly and by the midway point of the afternoon was clawing back a buffer Lock had built in the early part of the contest.

A Perfect 60 point end completed Freeman’s scoring for the day, a feat he had not previously achieved at the 50-metre range.

To put the icing on the cake Freeman had snatched the bragging rights to the highest off-the-bow score in that final end, easily marching away with the day’s win with the best handicap score as well to finish a memorable afternoon on the range with his new bow.

Indoor archery continues at Blue Lake Gymnastics Club, Malseed Park tonight at 7.30pm followed by outdoor archery at Corriedale Park at 12.30pm Sunday.

Australian Indoor 18 metre, handicap scored, benchmark 300 points: Kallan Clare 300 (off the bow 244); Graham Lock 296 (283); Paul Freeman 282 (268); Clayton Clare 282 (267).

Melbourne outdoor round, handicap scored, benchmark 900 points: Paul Freeman 921 (off the bow 833); Graham Lock 896 (829); Len Bayley 849 (652).