Father and son do battle

ENTERTAINING CONTEST: Micah Hill and Will Bowering provided an entertaining contest in Round 2 of the Millicent Squash Club season.


ROUND 2 of the Millicent Squash Club season produced some close matches, with many players blowing out the cobwebs.

The match of the night in Division 1 was a close tussle between Danny Quintel and Glen Atkinson.

The pair had tight games, with the fifth and deciding game going to Quintel 15 points to 10.

The final point scores for the match saw Quintel with 70 and Atkinson 67.

In Division 2 the match of the night was played between Will Bowering and Micah Hill, with Bowering finally beating Hill in the fourth game 15-12.

Bowering finished with 59 points, to Hill’s 52.

The other Division 2 match of note was a father/son battle between Brian and Liam Cawood.

It was the classic experience versus youth match, with experience prevailing in three games.

What Liam lacked in experience he made up for with determination, diving across the floor to play a winning shot to finish an epic rally.

However, Brian took the honours 3-0, with 45 points to 26.


Division 1: Slammer l/t Over Served 4-9. S. Debruin l/t B. Kennewell 2-3; M. Wright l/t L. Chant 1-3; M. Hogan l/t R. Wakelin 1-3.

Super Shots d No Faults 7-5. S. Brook d S. Gray 3-1; M. Oliver l/t B. Abbott 1-3; D. Quintel d G. Atkinson 3-2.

Division 2: Slammers d Over Served 8-7. F. Oliver l/t P. Alison 1-3; C. Hunt d T. Sinclair 3-1; L. Redway l/t D. Looker 1-3; B. Cawood d L. Cawood 3-0.

Super Shots d No Faults 10-5. S. Osmond l/t M. Millhouse 1-3; W. Bowering d M. Hill 3-1; R. Redway d D. Green 3-1; P. Salmon d N. Atkinson 3-0.