Temperatures drop for night bowlers

BLUE DIVISION WINNERS: Graham Loveday, John Chalmers, Fay Richards and Max Blacketer.


NIGHT Owls bowlers enjoyed the cool of the evening last week at the millicent Bowls Club, after hot weather earlier in the day.

There were plenty of touches, with Ian Johnson (Tant Tigers), Paul Joiner (Lion Rams), Ian Kuchel (Jack Attack), Chad Taylor (X Factor) and Keith Fields (Lion Cubs) all recording three.

The White Division win went to Lion Cubs (Graham Attiwell, Mallee Buchanan, Robert Dunn, Keith Fields) as they defeated Scrappers 28+9.

Other winners were X Factor 28+5 and Lions Roar 27+9, while Gizzies Crew had a draw with Rotary on 16.

In Blue Division Max’s Four (Max Blacketer, Fay Richards, John Chalmers, Graham Loveday) defeated Mossies 28+5 for the win.

Other winners were Somery Seniors 27+6, Awesome Foursome 27+4, Bits and Pieces 27 on a forfeit and Try Hards 25+2.

Red Division went to The George (Graham Fennell, Graham Abbott, Simon Cooper, Terry Chant) over Jack Attack 30+8.

Other winners were Untouchables 29+15, Sparkies 27+2, Tant Tigers 26+4 and Rovers 26+3.

The night bowlers will be able to play on a Sunday next month as they can join other bowlers for the Royal Flying Doctor’s fund-raising day on Sunday March 14.

Regular Night Owls teams can be submitted or just single entries and a team will be alotted.

The day kicks off with a 1pm start, with names to be in by 12.30pm.