Diversifying learning outcomes

NEW WAYS OF LEARNING: Mount Gambier North Primary School special education teacher, Judy Jenkin, with a student participating in the Equine Assisted Learning Program.

MOUNT Gambier North Primary School – with support from the Stand Like Stone Foundation – has introduced an Equine Assisted Learning program into its curriculum.

Beginning this term, the Equine program aims to help students develop interoception skills and practice mindfulness.

Participating students are given opportunities to interact with horses, exploring how the animals respond to each other and to people.

Research into the program suggests students are able to reflect on these interactions and subsequently, build a better understanding of themselves, their feelings and how to recognise and manage their responses in everyday life.

Mount Gambier North Primary special education teacher, Judy Jenkin, is an Equine Assisted Learning practitioner and is delighted with the engagement shown by participating students.

“I am fortunate to be able to share my love of horses with students and learn alongside them as they immerse themselves in this experience with the horses,” she said.

“Many have no previous exposure to horses but that has not stopped them connecting and sharing experiences with these amazing animals.

“It is a privilege to share their personal discoveries and a joy to watch their growth as they develop life-long skills and make friendships.”